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Published on January 23rd, 2015

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writing & talking by Annetd


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 A conversation between Heath Bunting and Annet Dekker. 
London, February and May 2011. SKOR: NetArtWorks_2011.

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A conversation between Heath Bunting (artist), Bob Colover (UK barrister) and Annet Dekker (SKOR).
 London, February 2011. SKOR: NetArtWorks_2011.

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Versions, comments and authenticity. ISEA2011 Istanbul, 19 September.

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Remember conservation?. Performances of Memory in the Arts, Nijmegen University, 28 May.

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Moderator: Symposium Recycled Film. AVFestival Newcastle, 12 February.

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Conservering van netkunst. SIMIN/NCDD, Amersfoort, 30 Nov.

Creating Digital Documentation of Performance. JISC Digital Media and the University of Bristol Drama Department, Bristol, 23-25 Sept.

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Beeldhonger of Plaatjesmoe? De veranderende betekenis van het beeld. 21Rozendaal, Enschede, April 4.

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Opening: exhibition Echolocation: Geert Mul. 21Rozendaal, Enschede, February 13.


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Keynote: Art Mediated by Technology. International Symposium [New] Media Art in Museums – production, keeping, presentation, Rijeka, Croatia, October 15-17.

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Art in Virtual reality, from VR to PR. University of Nijmegen, May 13.

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Moderator: Real Cinema. Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, February 24.

Visual Image Culture. Plaza+, Eindhoven, January 12.


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