Video Vortex 1 – Launch of FLOSS Manuals

Published on October 19th, 2007

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Launch of FLOSS Manuals: 6:15 p.m.
On Friday, October 19, during the opening of the Video Vortex exhibition, Adam Hyde will present the FLOSS Manuals.

FLOSS Manuals ( provide free downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux users, with directions about how you can and should use open source software. The manuals are written with the new user in mind – and are of course free!

There are presently 15 manuals in English and 10 in Dutch, and many new manuals in the offing. (
By means of the FLOSS Manuals Wiki, experts in the field of open source software can make a contribution to the manuals, to help other users (
With FLOSS Manuals Remix one can produce one’s own manuals for workshops, training sessions and lesson programs (

FLOSS Manuals are available online for use now. During the official launch of the FLOSS Manuals on Friday, October 19, Adam Hyde will give an introduction about FLOSS Manuals and all the possibilities they offer. After that Julian Olivier (artist, Free software developer and media-theoretician) will give a performance.

During the first week of the Video Vortex exhibition the FLOSS Manuals take central stage in the workspace!

FLOSS Manuals have won second prize in the Digital Pioneers Academy.

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