Shifting from Storage to Dynamic Circulation

Published on January 2nd, 2016

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An Uncertain Archives Afternoon Seminar with Annet Dekker

7 January, 14:00-16:00
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Online Art Archives: Shifting from Storage to Dynamic Circulation

With the advent of the web, museum archives gradually changed from a storage depot for physical objects to a data set of digital files. With this change, visitor attention shifts from physical to ‘virtual’ environments, radically transforming how we experience the objects themselves. In other words, an archive’s traditional relationship to social identity, agency, history and memory is challenged by the distributed, processual and ambiguous nature of networked media, and a new set of values emerges but remains unarticulated. To answer how the transformation of the archive into a networked device is changing how archives are curated, experienced and preserved, several art projects are presented in which challenges and the potential of the digital archive are explored. In the process, this research seeks to develop an understanding of the relationship between the software practices and cultures by which online archives are maintained and the socio-political, commercial and organisational practices of what is still considered the preservation of documents and objects.


This presentation is based on the work / research as Fellow at Het Nieuwe Instituut for New Archive Interpretations

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