Networks of Care, or Autonomous Archiving

Published on April 17th, 2018

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Guest presentation @ Digital Activism, University of Amsterdam (by Stefania Milan and Lonneke van der Velden)
17 April 2018

Course content
Civil engagement, activism, social movements, political participation and advocacy have dramatically changed since the diffusion of the internet. The way people come together, mobilize, and protest have progressively embedded various elements of the ‘digital’—often at the pace of technological innovation, and sometimes even anticipating it. This course will work with both real-world case studies and theory from, e.g., media studies and sociology of social movements, to explore activism in the digital age through the lens of technology and technology-enabled collective action. It will provide a socio-cultural and socio-technical perspective to digital activism from the 1990s to today. It will take media (including social movement sites, alternative news and citizen journalism, online campaigning…) and technology (social media platforms, mobile apps…) as starting point, to investigate social and organizational dynamics such as the individual/collective tension and tactical repertoires as they evolve in interaction with software and information. With the support of invited activists, the course will investigate also contemporary challenges to digital activism like filtering and online surveillance, and forms of resistance such as circumvention tools.

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