Kontraste 2012 – Electric Shadows

Published on September 24th, 2012

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Electric Shadows - Humans are only able to perceive a narrow bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum. The rest is ‘dark’ to us. Reality is teeming with electromagnetism, and the universe is full of dark matter and dark energy. Art alludes to these unknowns and functions as an instrument to make them perceivable in a mediated or metaphorical form, presenting ‘electric shadows’ of unexplored phenomena that exist beyond our perception.

The next edition of the Kontraste festival takes place from 12 to 14 October 2012 in Krems/Austria, and presents an array of concerts, installations, films and lectures. Kontraste 2012 is a leap into the void with audiovisual experiments that manipulate analogue and digital signals to amplify our senses, investigate the dark, and explore cosmological unknowns.

A glimpse of what you can expect to see and hear:

Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure by Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder and Olivia Block. An expanded cinema performance in which Gibson and Recoder use a system of film loops, crystals and hand gestures to bend, reflect and refract the projector’s beam, transforming the church space into a sculpture of light, blending with Olivia Block’s mixing of field recordings and live instruments. It’s magical.

An exciting audiovisual duet of Maja Ratkje and HC Gilje: Ratkje’s voice and live electronics are accompanied by HC Gilje’s a spatial light show. Not to be missed.

World premiere of the Synchronator Orchestra. On invitation of the Kontraste festival Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk, the inventors of the Synchronator, have put together a an orchestra of artists who play this device. Featuring Gert-Jan Prins, Bas van KoolwijkJérôme Noetinger, Billy Roisz, and Justin Bennett.  They join forces to create an audiovisual spectacle, an analogue noise extravaganza, giving free reign to pure signals. We think it’s spectacular.

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