An exploration of significance and dependency in the conservation of software-based artworks

Published on May 3rd, 2015

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Presentation @ AIC 2015 in Miami with Patricia Falcao, Annet Dekker and Pip Laurenson.
16 May 2015

Tate is actively involved in the conservation of software-based artworks in its collection. The research described in this paper is based both on the day-to-day practice in Time-based Media Conservation and as a result of Tate’s participation in the European research project Pericles. The aim of the research within Pericles is  to ensure that digital content remains accessible in a continually changing environment. Central to the project is the use of modelling in order to predict the impact of change within digital environments. The elements which make up these models are entities, properties and dependencies.. In this paper we propose a function-based typology for software-based artworks, that helps describing them and will then proceed with a short description of what virtualisation is.  We will usedescribe two case studies tothat illustrate the relationship between significant properties and dependency, which we also define. Picking up on the specific challenges of technical dependency we will then explore the use of virtualisation within a conservation workflow.

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